Wall Art

Wall Art

Professional Wall Wrap Art by HP

The HP PVC-Free wallpaper and the HP Latex Ink has allowed us at 10West to create a low-VOC, odorless solution to customize your personal or commercial interior spaces.

In the past, the only solution was to use solvent-based printing. However, the vinyl took days to cure and the odor lasted for weeks. We realized that the market had tremendous potential, but to tap fully into it, we needed a solution that was odorless, easy to use, and allowed our designs to stand out.

So we turned to HP.

And HP PVC-free Wallpaper helps every installation go more smoothly. Not only can 10West install large, complex murals with fewer people than in a comparable vinyl installation, but our customers are finding that our ability to reposition HP PVC-free Wallpaper after it has already been affixed to the wall is taking the sweat out of self-installations and DIY projects.

Our new addition to our production capability is the HP 260. It provides exceptional quality that is durable for indoor and outdoor prints and we can print on a variety of media including double sided printing. And the best part, it comes out dry from the printer with no outgassing, which allows for faster delivery times for our customers.

Personalize Your Space and Create Unique Decorations With Our HP Wall Art Solution

Obtain high-quality wall decorations for commercial, retail, and residential spaces with our HP WallArt Solution. This simple, comprehensive tool lets you design your wall online with our simple and easy to use tool.

Try out our Customized WallArt App and design your project now

Quick facts

  • HP PVC-free Wallpaper and HP Latex Inks allow 10West to create odorless murals that have a lower environmental impact than PVC-containing alternatives.
  • HP Designjet printers and HP PVC-free Wallpaper are easy to use, accelerating the delivery and installation of a range of applications.
  • Our High Resolution printer creates photographic quality prints that will look and last for years
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