Hair Color Trends That’ll Be Perfect for 2018


Hair color is no longer a matter of pigmentation. For decades now, it has been embraced as a sense of fashion, beauty and even personality. Different hair colors have been developed over the past years, and 2018 is no exception. Ranging from the popular Ultraviolet hair to bemusing peanut butter and jelly blend, there are truckloads of hair colors that will turn heads in 2018.


We’ll start with what is dubbed the 2018 hair color of the year; Ultraviolet. Pantone Color Institute has proclaimed that this vibrant and contemplative purple shade is taking the idea of innovation a notch higher. Ultraviolet gives, not only a popular hue but also a royal and mystic brilliance. Baby blonde; a break from the typical blonde, in that it is softer and lighter. It gives a natural hue, as well as maintaining a great look on any skin tone. Burnt Orange is a mixture of red and orange that gives a vibrant fiery look and gives off a style of adventure. It also works for all skin tones.


Peanut Butter and Jelly is an intelligent double tone trend with a golden blonde that stands for the metaphorical ‘peanut butter’ and a hue of purple that represents ‘jelly.’ This gives an original yet lively look and is a nostalgic hair color trending all over Instagram. Chocolate Mauve is an impulsive brew of brown and light pink which is taking off as a trendy look in 2018. It gives a natural look as well as emphasizes the detailed movement of the hair. Marshmallow is a mixture of grey, white and platinum blonde. The massive fluffy locks give it the marshmallow look. This is also an upcoming trendy look, especially during winter since it gives an incredible ‘ice-queen’ semblance.


Root Beer is an on-point look of rich brown with auburn shades that give a rich, powerful look; a definite pick that will purportedly rock all year. Blorange, a platinum blonde, and the orange blend is a spicy look that enhances all skin tones and gives a magnificent sunset hue or rather the shade of a tropical drink. Georgia May Jagger, an all-time on-her-toes with a fashion model, making sure she is always on trend, went all Blorange recently. So a sense of popularity will come along with taking on this look. Chestnut Tiger Eye is a supreme chestnut brown with an ideal golden hue. Its origin is a historical stone that was worn for bravery, protection, and good fortune. It had rich gold and brown color that was known to create an equivalence between extremes. This hair color will give you an air of confidence and impression.


The hair colors aforementioned are some of the looks that will undoubtedly grab the limelight of Hair Color Trends That’ll Be Perfect for 2018 world of hair fashion. Given the detailed features as well as the significance each look portrays, it is quite simple to pick out a hair color that not only complements your skin tone or highlights your personality but also gives you a hot and trendy 2018 countenance.

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